Museum of the History of Catalonia

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The Museum of the History of Catalonia (Catalan: Museu d'Història de Catalunya, MHC) is a history museum in Barcelona that promotes the awareness and knowledge of the history of Catalonia and its culture. The museum is located in Barcelona's Palau de Mar, the former General Stores (Magatzems Generals de Comerç), the sole building of Barcelona's old industrial port still standing.

Museum of the History of Catalonia
Museu d'Història de Catalunya (MHC)
Museu d'Història de Catalunya.svg
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EstablishedFebruary 1996; 26 years ago (February 1996)
LocationPalau de Mar, Plaça de Pau Vila, 3, Barcelona
TypeHistory museum
Visitors148.093 (2017)[1]
DirectorMargarida Sala i Albareda
OwnerGeneralitat de Catalunya
Public transit accessBarcelona Metro Logo.svg L4 barcelona.svg Barceloneta


The permanent exhibition "The memory of a country" consists of a journey through the history of Catalonia from prehistoric to modern times, documenting the main events, cultures and historic personalities that made up the history of Catalonia. It is divided on 8 historical periods.[2] Temporary exhibitions include: "Fashion and fashion designers" (until 13 October 2019) and "Beyond the trenches (1936-1939). Photographies by Alec Wainman" (until 3 November 2019).

The museum website offers free of charge online audio guides for the exhibitions in different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.[3]


It is controlled and funded by the Government of Catalonia through the Ministry of Culture. It is one of the 11 museums that are a member of the Network of History Museums and Monuments of Catalonia Network (XMHCat). Since 1997, the museum building also holds the Center for Contemporary History of Catalonia and its library, which is administered by the Ministry of the Presidency.


  1. Carme Laura Gil i Miró (1996)
  2. Josep Maria Solé i Sabaté (1996-2000)
  3. Jaume Sobrequés i Callicó (2000-2008)
  4. Agustí Alcoberro i Pericay (2008-2014)
  5. Jusèp Boya i Busquet (2014-2016)
  6. Margarida Sala i Albareda (2016-present)


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