Musea Records is a non-profit (for the label's bands) musician-owned French record label dedicated to progressive rock. It was founded in 1985 by Bernard Gueffier and Francis Grosse, along with a small team of friends - Daniel Adt, Alain Juliac, Alain Robert, Thierry Sportouche, Jean-Claude Granjeon, Pascal Ferry, Thierry Moreau and François Arnold.

Founded1985 (1985)
GenreProgressive rock
Country of originFrance

Musea collaborates also with Finnish progressive rock magazine Colossus to produce progressive rock concept albums based on literary masterpieces, inviting bands and artists from all over the world to collaborate. Example of this production are Kalevala, a 3CD opera[1] published in 2004, a three multi-disc boxsets dedicated to each of the canticas of the Divine Comedy - Inferno (2008), Purgatorio (2009) and Paradiso (2010), or the album The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe - A Synphonic Collection (2010).[2] Many artists collaborate with these productions, among notable musicians like Marco Lo Muscio and Guy LeBlanc, or progressive band like Museo Rosenbach, Dunwich and Twenty Four Hours.

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