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Murtaza Nizam Shah III

Murtaza Nizam Shah III, was a Nizam Shahi boy prince who in the year 1635 became the nominal Sultan of Ahmednagar, he was subjected to the authority of the Maratha leader Shahaji Raje.[1]

Sardar Ranoji Wable attacked Ahmadnagar killed Fateh Khan along with the boy prince Hussain Nizamshah III by order or Shah Jahan, his relatives as well as two pregnant women so that there would not be any male heir to the throne. But soon, Shahaji with the assistance of Bijapur, placed an infant scion of the Nizam Shahi dynasty, Murtaza on the throne and he became the regent. The scion Nizam and Shahaji's family was stationed in the Mahuli Fort. Shah Jahan quickly made an alliance with Mohammed Adilshah of Bijapur and the respective Mughal and Adilshahi generals, Khan Zaman (son of Mahabat Khan) and Ranadulla Khan (father of Rustum-e-Zaman) besieged Mahuli. Shahaji tried to break the siege externally several times, but failed.. However, the mother of scion Nizam, Sajeeda was caught while fleeing along with the Nizam. Murtaza Nizam Shah III was brought before Shah Jahan and Mohammed Adilshah. Shah Jahan proposed to murder the boy Nizam so as to finish the Nizamshahi once and for all. But Shahaji intervened and requested Shah Jahan to change his decision. But Adilshah was adamant. After some thinking, Shah Jahan ordered Nizam's release much to the surprise of Adilshah. However, he set a condition that Shahaji would be placed in deep south so that he could not pose any challenge to Mughals. The Nizam was taken away by Sardar Ranoji Wable to Delhi and was made a Sardar.

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