Mural Paintings from the Herrera Chapel

The Mural Paintings from the Herrera Chapel is group of mural painting by Annibale Carracci and collaborators, conserved between the National Art Museum of Catalonia[1] and de Museo del Prado.

Mural Paintings from the Herrera Chapel
Annibale Carracci - Mural paintings from the Herrera Chapel - Google Art Project.jpg
ArtistAnnibale Carracci
TypeFresco transferred to canvas
LocationMuseu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya & Museo del Prado, Barcelona & Madrid


In 1602, the Spanish nobleman Juan Enriquez de Herrera dedicated a chapel in the church of Santiago, the Spanish Franciscan of Rome to Diego de Alcala, commissioning Saint Didacus of Alcalá Presenting Juan de Herrera's Son to Christ and frescoes from Carracci. The mural decoration, with scenes from the saint's life, was done by the Bolognese painter Annibale Carracci. In 1604 began designing the master of all the preparatory cartoons, but he came ill while personally directing the work 'in situ'. So, the work was finished by his collaborators, who included Giovanni Lanfranco Sisto Badalocchio and Francesco Albani. In the mid-nineteenth century the frescoes were uprooted and transferred to canvas and are now distributed between MNAC and Museo del Prado.


The group consists of 16 items, 9 of which are kept at the MNAC[2] and the other 7 at the Museo del Prado in Madrid. From the former church of San Giacomo degli Spagnuoli in Rome.[3]

# Imatge Title Authors Museum Reference
1   Apostles around the Empty Sepulchre Carracci i Francesco Albani MNAC [4]
2   Miracle of the Roses Carracci, Francesco Albani i Domenico Zampieri MNAC [5]
3   Assumption of the Virgin Carracci i Albani MNAC [6]
4   Everlasting Father Carracci i Albani MNAC [7]
5   Healing the Man Born Blind Carracci i Albani MNAC [8]
6   Saint Paul Carracci & Albani MNAC [9]
7   Saint Peter Carracci & Albani MNAC [10]
8   Predicació de Sant Dídac Carracci & Sisto Badalocchio MNAC [11]
9   Apparition of Saint Didacus above his sepulchre- Carraci & Sisto Badalocchio MNAC [12]
10   Apoteosi de sant Francesc Museo del Prado [13]
11 Apoteosi de sant Jaume el gran Museo del Prado [14]
12 Apoteosi de sant Llorenç Museo del Prado [15]
13-17 Escenes de San Diego de Alcalá, titular de la capella Museo del Prado [16]


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