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Muonio (river)

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The Muonio (Finnish: Muonionjoki; Swedish: Muonio älv) is a river in northern Finland and Sweden. It is a tributary of the Tornio. Together the two rivers form the national border between Finland and Sweden. The river is 230 kilometres long.

Muonio (Muonionjoki, Muonio älv, Muonioälven)
Muoniojoki Kolari Pajala.jpg
Muonio River in mid-July 2003
Countries Sweden, Finland
 - coordinates 68°29′04″N 22°17′45″E / 68.48444°N 22.29583°E / 68.48444; 22.29583
Mouth Torne River
 - coordinates 67°10′51″N 23°33′30″E / 67.18083°N 23.55833°E / 67.18083; 23.55833Coordinates: 67°10′51″N 23°33′30″E / 67.18083°N 23.55833°E / 67.18083; 23.55833
Length 387 km (240 mi) [1]
Basin 14,430 km2 (5,571 sq mi) [1]
 - average 165 m3/s (5,827 cu ft/s) [1]


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