Mundo Deportivo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmundo ðepoɾˈtiβo];[a] meaning Sports World in English) is a Spanish nationwide daily sports newspaper published in Barcelona.

Mundo Deportivo
TypeNational daily sports newspaper
Owner(s)Grupo Godó
EditorSanti Nolla
Founded1906; 117 years ago (1906)
Sister newspapersLa Vanguardia

History and profile edit

Mundo Deportivo was first published on 1 February 1906,[1] as a weekly newspaper, and since 1929 daily. It is the oldest sports newspaper still published in Spain, and the second one in Europe, after the Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport which was founded in 1896.[2]

It is published in Barcelona and is owned by Grupo Godó.[3] The group also owns La Vanguardia.[3]

Mundo Deportive focuses primarily on the performances of FC Barcelona, but also covers the Spanish basketball league (ACB), Grand Prix motorcycle racing and Formula One car racing, amongst others.

Both Mundo Deportivo and Sport are the predominant sources of sports news in Catalonia.

Notes edit

  1. ^ In isolation, Deportivo is pronounced [depoɾˈtiβo].

References edit

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