Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is furniture with several functions combined.[1] The functions combined vary, but a common variant is to incorporate an extra storage function into chair, tables, and so forth, making them so-called storage furniture.[2] It more efficiently uses up living space.[3] Lack of space can be an important reason for choosing such furniture, but combination furniture is also seen in larger homes for more space-efficient utilization.[1] Historically, furniture with transforming mechanisms was called "mechanical furniture".

A sofa bed unfolded from a couch into a bed

Examples edit

Some common examples of multifunctional furniture are:

  • Chair-table,[4][5] a table where the tabletop can be hinged to form the back of a seat to serve as a chair, if necessary
  • Chest-chair,[6] a type of chair where the seat doubles as the lid of a chest for storage
  • Chest-table, a chest used as a table, with storage space underneath a hinged tabletop. Today more commonly seen as coffee tables, since people's legs do not usually rest underneath such tables.
  • Coffee table with extra storage on their underside is a type of multifunctional furniture
  • Daybed, a combination furniture which can be used as a bed, for sitting, or for rest and relaxation in common rooms
  • Lambing chair, a type of unchair commonly with storage under the seat in form of a drawer
  • Monks bench, a table/bench
  • Ottoman, a stool where the seat often is hinged with a hollow inside which can be used for storage
  • Pull-down bed, a folding bed that is hinged on one end so that it can be stored vertically against a wall or inside a cupboard
  • Recliner, a chair which can be folded out to a near supine position for sleeping
  • Storage bed, a bed with built in storage
  • Sofa bed, a sofa where the seating area can be pulled or folded out to form a bed for sleeping
  • Storage bench,[7] a bench where there is storage beneath the seat
  • Step chair and onit chair (the latter has an ironing-board mode)

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  • Møbler i Norge (1976) by Trond Juul Gjerdi

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