The Muksu (Russian: Муксу, Russian: Муқсу Muqsu) is a west-flowing river in northeastern Tajikistan. It is a tributary of the Vakhsh which in turn is a tributary of the Amu Darya. The river is 88 kilometres (55 mi) long and has a basin area of 7,070 square kilometres (2,730 sq mi).[1] It is formed at the confluence of the rivers Seldara (draining the Fedchenko Glacier) and Sauksay (draining the Saukdara Glaciers), near Altyn Mazar. The north side of its valley is the Trans-Alay Range and the south side is formed by the Peter I Range and the Academy of Sciences Range. It joins the Kyzyl-Suu (which drains the Alay Valley) to form the Surkhob or Vakhsh. At Altyn Mazar there is a pass leading north to Daroot-Korgon in the Alay Valley.

CountryTajikistan, Uzbekistan
Physical characteristics
Sourceconfluence of Seldara and Sauksay
 • coordinates39°10′16″N 72°14′10″E / 39.171°N 72.236°E / 39.171; 72.236
 • coordinates
39°16′08″N 71°22′48″E / 39.2689°N 71.3799°E / 39.2689; 71.3799Coordinates: 39°16′08″N 71°22′48″E / 39.2689°N 71.3799°E / 39.2689; 71.3799
Length88 km (55 mi)
Basin size7,070 km2 (2,730 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionVakhshAmu DaryaAral Sea