Muir Inlet schematic map.

Muir Inlet is an inlet in Glacier Bay, U.S.A. Muir Inlet heads in Muir Glacier, and extends for 48 kilometers (30 mi) [1] south to Glacier Bay, 51 miles (82 km) NW of Hoonah, Alaska [2] Muir Inlet is separated from Chilkat Inlet and Lynn Canal by Chilkat Range. Muir Inlet has several glacier's terminuses besides Muir Glacier, most prominent are Casement Glacier, McBride Glacier and Riggs Glacier. In the west lies the Wachusett Inlet and in the east the Adam's Inlet. [3]

Muir Inlet was named in 1883 by U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS) for John Muir, (1834–1918), who visited this area in 1890.[2]Muir Inlet is popular kayaking destination.[4][5]

View of Muir Inlet and Muir Glacier.


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Coordinates: 58°52′04.1″N 136°05′18.3″W / 58.867806°N 136.088417°W / 58.867806; -136.088417