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Mr. Turpen is a male Galapagos tortoise that lives in the Pitcairn Islands. These animals were known as "turpins", for example Charles Darwin wrote "Met an immense Turpin; took little notice of me."[1]


Mr. Turpen was brought to the Pitcairn Islands on the brigantine Yankee in 1937.[2] He was unloaded by longboat, at Bounty Bay. Mr. Turpen is the only survivor of the five Galapagos tortoises brought to the Pitcairn Islands between 1937 and 1951.[2] An ordinance was passed to protect Mr. Turpen, by the Island Council, anyone harming him is liable to 60 days imprisonment.[2]

On 14 January 2000 the Pitcairn Islands issued a set of postage stamps celebrating Mr. Turpen and the protection ordinance.[2]

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