Mr. Googz

Mr. Googz (real name Moffat Omari) is a musician from Kenya.


He grew up in Zimmermann, a suburb of Nairobi. He attended Ainsworth Primary School in Eastleigh, Nairobi and later Highway Secondary School.[1] He teamed up with Vinnie Bantonn, thus forming a duo. They joined the Ogopa DJs record label. In 1998 they released the "Wasee (Githurai)" song, which became a national hit in Kenya.[2] The song also featured Mr. Lenny and it was dedicated to Githurai, a suburb on the northeastern outskirts of Nairobi.[3] In 2003, they left Ogopa DJs record label together with Longombas and Deux Vultures and formed their own label, Bad Man Camp.[4]

Mr. Googz parted ways with Vinnie Banton in 2004 as both preferred solo careers.[5] Mr. Googz turned from secular to gospel music in 2005. He released his first gospel album His Love in 2006.[1] He has retained his popularity, even after the switch to gospel.[6]





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