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List of movable Eastern Christian observances

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This is a chronological list of moveable Eastern Christian observances. Most of these are calculated by the date of Pascha. It includes secular observances which are calculated by religious observances.

This list does not necessarily imply either official status nor general observance.


2018 datesEdit

11th Sunday before Pascha: January 21

63 days before Pascha: January 27[2]

10th Sunday before Pascha: January 28[3]

Second Monday before Clean Monday: January 29–31

9th Sunday before Pascha: February 4[3]

Monday to Sunday following the 9th Sunday before Pascha: February 4–10

Saturday of Meatfare Week: February 10

Sunday of Meatfare week: February 11

Monday to Sunday following Meatfare week: February 12–18

Thursday of the 8th week before Pascha: February 15

Sunday of Cheesefare week (Eastern Christianity): February 18

Monday after Sunday of Forgiveness: February 19

First Saturday of Great Lent: February 24

First Sunday of Great Lent: February 25

2nd Saturday of Lent: March 3

5th Sunday before Pascha and 2nd Sunday of Lent: March 4

3rd Saturday of Lent: March 10

4th Sunday before Pascha and 3rd Sunday of Lent: March 11

4th Saturday of Lent: March 17

3rd Sunday before Pascha and 4th Sunday of Lent: March 18

5th Saturday of Lent: March 24

5th Sunday of Lent: March 25

Friday preceding Good Friday on Eastern Orthodox calendar: March 30

Day before Palm Sunday: March 31

Sunday before Pascha: April 1

Monday after Palm Sunday: April 2

Tuesday after Palm Sunday: April 3

Wednesday after Palm Sunday: April 4

Thursday after Palm Sunday: April 5

Friday after Palm Sunday: April 6

Saturday after Palm Sunday: April 7

April 8

Monday after Pascha: April 9

Tuesday after Pascha: April 10

Wednesday after Pascha: April 11

Thursday after Pascha: April 12

Friday after Pascha: April 13

Saturday after Pascha: April 14

8th day after Pascha: April 15

2nd Tuesday of Pascha, or 2nd Monday of Pascha, depending on region: April 16 or 17

2nd Sunday following Pascha: April 22

4th Sunday of Pascha: April 29

Wednesday after the Sunday of the Paralytic: May 2

5th Sunday of Pascha: May 6

6th Sunday of Pascha May 13

Forty days after Pascha: May 17

7th Sunday of Pascha: May 20

7th Saturday of Pascha: May 26

Fifty days after Pascha: May 27

Monday after Pentecost: May 28

Tuesday after Pentecost: May 29

First Sunday after Pentecost: June 3

Second Monday after Pentecost, the day after All Saints' Sunday: June 4–29

64th day after Pascha: June 10[4]

98 days/14 weeks after Pascha: July 8

Saturday closest to Sept.23, the Conception of Saint John the Forerunner, Russian Orthodox only: September 22

Saturday closest to October 26, feast day of Demetrius of Thessaloniki, Russian Orthodox only: October 27

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