Mountain Pacific Curling Association

The Mountain Pacific Curling Association (MoPac) is a regional association of the United States Curling Association encompassing the states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, and Utah.[1]

Mountain Pacific Curling Association
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Membership20 curling clubs
AffiliationUnited States Curling Association
Official website
United States
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An old logo for the MoPac Curling Association

MoPac sends regional representatives to a number of national competitions, hosting playdowns to determine the representative if there are multiple teams interested. In addition, MoPac has held a 5 & Under Bonspiel annually since 2012 for any curlers of member clubs that have been curling for 5 years or less.[2]

Member ClubsEdit

State Club Name City Type Year Founded
Arizona Coyotes Curling Club[3][4] Tempe Dedicated 2003
California Curl San Diego[3][5] Carlsbad Arena 2006
Granite Curling Club of California[3][6] Stockton Arena 1962
Hollywood Curling Club[3][7] Vernon Dedicated 2007
Orange County Curling Club[3][8] Westminster Arena 2009
Sharks Ice Curling[9] Oakland Arena 2022
Silicon Valley Curling Club[3][10] San Jose and Fremont Arena 2017
San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club[3][11] Oakland Dedicated[12] 1958
Wine Country Curling Club[3][13] Roseville Arena 2006
Idaho Boise Curling Club[3][14] Boise Arena 2004
McCall Curling Club[3][15] McCall Arena 2004
Nevada Lake Tahoe Epic Curling[3][16] Stateline Dedicated[17] 2012
Oregon Klamath Falls Curling[3][18] Klamath Falls Arena
Utah Cache Valley Stone Society[3][19] North Logan Arena
Ogden Curling Club[3][20] Ogden Arena 1998
Park City Curling Club[3][21] Park City Arena 2006[22]
Utah Olympic Oval Curling Club[3][23] Kearns Arena 2016[24]


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