The Mount Oliver Incline was a funicular on the South Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was designed in 1871 by the Prussian-born engineer John Endres and his American daughter Caroline Endres, one of the first women engineers in the United States.[2]

Mount Oliver Incline
LocaleSouth Side, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Coordinates40°25′28″N 79°59′11″W / 40.4244°N 79.9864°W / 40.4244; -79.9864
Closed6 July 1951
Line length1,600 feet (490 m)

Its track was 1600 feet long and gained 377 feet of elevation.[3] It ran from the corner of Freyburg and South Twelfth streets at its lower end to Warrington Avenue at its upper end. It was closed on 6 July 1951.[1]

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