The Mound of Glory (Belarusian: Курган Славы, romanizedKurgan Slavy, lit.'Kurgan of Glory') is a memorial complex honouring Soviet soldiers who fought during World War II, located 21 km from Minsk, Belarus on the Moscow Highway. Designed by O.Stakhovich [1] and sculpted by A.Bembel, it was established in 1969 on the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus during Operation Bagration (1944).

Mound of Glory

History edit

The monument commemorates the Soviet liquidation of a German pocket during Operation Bagration.

On August 18, 1966, the government of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic decided to construct a monument, to be named the Mound of Glory, in honor of the Soviet soldiers who fought in World War II and the liberation of Belarus. Construction started in November 1967 and was finished in 1969.

In 2021, the Independence Day ceremony was held at the Mound of Glory.[2]

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