Motojuku Station (Gunma)

Motojuku Station (本宿駅, Motojuku-eki) is a railway station in Kiryū, Gunma, Japan, operated by the Watarase Keikoku Railway.

Motojuku Station

Motojuku sta.jpg
Motojuku Station, November 2005
LocationKurohone-cho Shukumeguri 1037-5, Kiryū, Gunma
Operated byWatarase Keikoku Railway
Line(s)Watarase Keikoku Line
Station platform and waiting area, 2015.


Motojuku Station is a station on the Watarase Keikoku Line and is 13.8 kilometers from the terminus of the line at Kiryū.

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The station has a single side platform serving traffic in both directions. There is no station building, but only an open-sided shelter on the platform itself. The station is unattended.

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Watarase Keikoku Line
Watarase Keikoku-gō: Does not stop at this station
Kamikambai Local Mizunuma


Motojuku Station opened on 29 March 1989.

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Coordinates: 36°28′54″N 139°15′33″E / 36.48167°N 139.25917°E / 36.48167; 139.25917