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Mokete Shadrack Chakela, more commonly known as Mosotho Chakela[1] or just Chakela, was born 1963 in Mafeteng, Lesotho in Southern Africa. He is a cultural music singer in a popular Lesotho musical tradition called famo.



Mosotho Chakela rose to prominence with his first album named Manka le Phallang 1. The album was released in 1999 by the Shear Record Company, and it sold enough copies to achieve platinum status.[citation needed] The album has hits like "O ka nketsang", "Ha ke noa joala" and "Mosali". He came to the spotlight again the following year with another hit album called Manka le phallang no.2. He has since been consistent, releasing hit after hit.[citation needed]

In 2006 Chakela was awarded a South African Traditional Music Award for best musician in the Famo music category.[2][3]


Apart from his singing talent, Chakela is a successful businessman in Lesotho. He owns 13 liqueur stores, seven of which are located in the capital city of Lesotho, Maseru. Three of those are in Leribe while the remaining three are in the second largest town where he was born, Mafeteng.[citation needed]


Chakela has used his prominence as a musician to make political points. In his second album, he talks about the political leaders of Lesotho which made him an eye opener to many Basotho nations.[citation needed] In the politics of Lesotho he is aligned with the All Basotho Convention.


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