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Moses (Greek: Μωϋσῆς),[NB 1] Moishe (Yiddish: משה‎),[NB 2] or Moshe (Hebrew: משה‎),[NB 3] is a male given name, after the biblical figure Moses.

According to the Torah, the name "Moses" comes from the Hebrew verb, meaning "to pull out/draw out" [of water], and the infant Moses was given this name by Pharaoh's daughter after she rescued him from the Nile (Exodus 2:10)[1]

People with this nameEdit

Ancient timesEdit


  • Moses (bishop of the Arabs) (c. 389), saint, first Arab bishop of the Arab people
  • Moses the Black (330–405), saint, ascetic monk and priest in Egypt, a Desert Father
  • Moses of Chorene (5th century; Armenian: Մովսես Խորենացի, Movsēs Xorenac‘i), Armenian historian, "father of Armenian history"
  • Moses of Kalankatuyk (7th century; Armenian: Մովսէս Կաղանկատուացի, Movses Kaġankatvac’i), Armenian historian
  • Moses the Calm (8th century; Arabic: موسى الكاظم‎, Mūsá al-Kādhim), Twelver Shia imam
  • Moses the Hungarian (990s–1043; Russian: Моисей Угрин, Moisey Ugrin), Russian saint
  • Moses ibn Ezra (1070–1138), Jewish, Spanish philosopher
  • Moses Kimhi (died c. 1190), medieval rabbi from Hachmei Provence, Occitania (modern France)
  • Moses Maimonides (1135–1204), Spanish rabbi, physician, and philosopher
  • Moses de León (c. 1250–1305; Hebrew: משה בן שם-טוב‎, Moshe ben Shem-Tov), Spanish rabbi who is thought to have composed the Zohar

Early modern to 18th centuryEdit

  • Moses ben Jacob Cordovero (1522–1570; Hebrew: משה קורדובירו‎, Moshe Kordovero), a central figure in the historical development of Kabbalah, also known as Ramak (רמ״ק)
  • Moses Isserles (1530–1572; Hebrew: משה בן ישראל איסרלישׂ‎, Polish: Mojżesz ben Israel Isserles), Polish Ashkenazic rabbi and talmudist
  • Moses Amyraut (1596–1664; also Moïse Amyraut), French theologian and metaphysician
  • Moyses Hill (died 1629), English army officer who settled in Ireland
  • Moses Cordovero (17th century), Italian physician
  • Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707–1746; Hebrew: משה חיים לוצאטו‎), Italian rabbi and poet, also known as Ramchal (רמח״ל)
  • Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786), German Jewish philosopher
  • Moses Robinson (1741–1813), judge, governor, and senator from Vermont
  • Moses Cleaveland (1754–1806), surveyor of the Connecticut Land Company
  • Moses Sofer (1762–1839; Yiddish: משה סופר‎), a leading Orthodox rabbi of European Jewry in the early 19th century
  • Moses Montefiore (1784–1885), sheriff of London


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Other usesEdit

  • Moishe's, a steakhouse and supermarket food product brand from Montreal, Canada
  • Moshe's, a chain of restaurants and cafés in Mumbai, India


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  2. ^ from Yiddish
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