Moriarity is a mystery drama podcast written by creator and executive producer Charles Kindinger, and produced by Treefort Media and Audible.

StarringDominic Monaghan
Phil LaMarr
Created byCharles Kindinger
Written byCharles Kindinger
VoicesDominic Monaghan
Billy Boyd
Phil LaMarr
Helen Mirren
ProductionTreefort Media
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Original releaseJuly 7, 2022 (2022-07-07)

The 10-episode first season, entitled The Devil's Game, was released July 7, 2022.[1] The second season, entitled The Silent Order was released on November 9, 2023, with Helen Mirren and Anya Chalotra joining the cast.[2][3]

Plot edit

Moriarty: The Devils Game offers a different take on the familiar story of Sherlock Holmes, asking "What if Holmes' most villainous nemesis was actually an innocent man?" The podcast recasts Professor James Moriarty as a desperate fugitive framed for murder.[4]

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The Devil's Game edit

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The Devil's Game edit

No. Title Original air date Synopsis
1 "Chapter One" July 7, 2022 Mathematical genius and esteemed professor James Moriarty’s world shatters when his fiancée, Rose Winslow, is mysteriously murdered. Unjustly accused of the crime, Moriarty pins his hopes on the one man who can help him solve the case: the great Sherlock Holmes.
2 "Chapter Two" Facing the noose for a crime he didn’t commit, Moriarty must use his wits to prove his innocence to the courts. Reasonable doubt is on his side – but James’ new cellmate, Colonel Sebastian Moran, is not convinced it will save his neck.
3 "Chapter Three" Pulled into a daring prison escape by a gang of criminals, Moriarty battles the morality of his decisions while on the run with Moran. Meanwhile, Scotland Yard fumbles to find the fugitives until Sherlock Holmes arrives to commandeer the manhunt.
4 "Chapter Four" Vowing to find Rose’s killer, Moriarty follows Moran into the London underworld to calculate his next move. Meanwhile, Holmes recruits his former partner, Doctor John H. Watson, out of a peaceful retirement.
5 "Chapter Five" Moriarty tugs on the threads of a chilling plot against him. And as “the game” that killed Rose comes into clearer focus, he enlists unlikely allies to confirm his devilish deductions.
6 "Chapter Six" Moriarty’s quest for justice takes a darker turn as he declares war against the Crown. But acquiring the resources for vengeance forces him further into the criminal underworld…just as Sherlock’s closing in on him.
7 "Chapter Seven" Now at the helm of a criminal empire, Moriarty searches for the shadowy figure who engineered the conspiracy against him. But in the hunt for this puppet master, Moriarty confronts the unthinkable – and must further compromise his troubled soul.
8 "Chapter Eight" Armed with the name of the man behind Rose’s death, Moriarty emerges from the safety of the shadows to execute a deadly plot for revenge.
9 "Chapter Nine" After barely surviving a dangerous mission into the Diogenes Club, Moriarty prepares to leave London in search of the mysterious agent who killed Rose. Meanwhile, Sherlock reunites with Watson and devises a new plan to lure Moriarty into his grasp.
10 "Chapter Ten" Moriarty escapes London, questioning everything he thought to be true. With Sherlock and Watson hot on his tail, he heads to the Continent with Moran to end the chaos once and for all.

References edit

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