Moody Dunbar, Inc. is an American food company.[1][2] It sells bell peppers, roasted peppers, pimientos, and sweet potatoes.[1] It is the largest producer of bell peppers and the second largest canner of sweet potatoes in the United States.[2]

Overview edit

A family business, it was founded by Moody Dunbar in 1933.[1] His son, Stanley K. Dunbar, serves as the current Chief Executive Officer.[2] He serves on the Board of Directors of the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Advisory Board of Liberty Mutual.[3][4] The treasurer is Christina M. Dunbar.[1]

Moody Dunbar, Inc was formerly headquartered in Limestone, Tennessee, and it is now headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee.[2] It has processing facilities in Dunn, North Carolina and Santa Paula, California.[1]

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