Marathon Oasis de Montreal

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Marathon Oasis de Montréal is an annual marathon foot-race held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in September. The Marathon de Montréal is the largest running event in Quebec (Canada). The race is sponsored by Oasis. Since 2012, the race has been controlled by Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda (大连万达) through its Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series of marathons and half-marathons which are held around North America and in Europe.[1]

Marathon Oasis de Montreal
LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Event typeRoad
Official siteOasis Montreal Marathon


Approximately 9,000 runners took part in the first edition of August 25, 1979. After disappearing from 1990 to 2003, the Montreal Marathon in 2004 returned in a broader framework involving other activities such as walking, running, wheelchair or bicycle. In 2008, runners came from 25 countries and had more than 17,600 participants from all disciplines.[2]

During the event, various distances are available:

  • 5 km race
  • Blakes Corporate Challenge (Relay)
  • The School Challenge 5 km
  • Le P'tit marathon (1 km) for kids 3 to 11 years old.

In 2010, the 20th edition of the marathon was held on Sunday September 5 with a record participation of 21,000 runners from 30 countries.[3] The event has continued to grow and the 2013 edition (held on September 22) broke a new record with 32,000 runners.[4]

On September 22nd 2019, a runner (Patrick Neely) unfortunately died after collapsing near the end of the half-marathon finish line.


Departure from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge

According to tradition, the departure is from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. The route of 42.195 km crosses different districts in Montreal through the Notre Dame Island and Saint Helen's Island on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the Old Montreal, the district Ville-Marie, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Formerly, races finished in the Olympic Stadium, home of the 1976 Summer Olympics[5] until the 2011 edition of the marathon when the finish line was moved to Parc Maisonneuve due to the growing number of participants. In 2012 and 2013, the finish line was in La Fontaine Park.

Students on the run (Étudiants dans la course)Edit

Students on the run, (Étudiants dans la course) is a project inspired by Students Run LA, a successful program that in the last 20 years has done concrete results. Students on the run aims to encourage young people to a healthy life, better school performance and greater social integration.

The program, sponsored by the Dr Gilles Julien Foundation in collaboration with the Montreal Marathon, Students on the run, is a pilot program where the objective is to help selected students, from high risk neighbourhoods of Montreal to participate in the Montreal Marathon. There were 19 students to begin with and 12 persevered. During 11 months, students trained to complete the full 42,2 km marathon and on September 12, 2010 they crossed the finish line. The program continues with a new group each year since its conception.[6][7][8]

Past winnersEdit

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
2003   Anthony Gitau (CAN) 2:30:31   Tina Kader (CAN) 2:58:55
14th 2004   Noureddine Betim (ALG) 2:22:33   Nicole Stevenson (CAN) 2:47:12
15th 2005   David Mandago Kipkorir (KEN) 2:17:26   Isabelle Ledroit (CAN) 2:56:20
16th 2006   Danny Kassap (CAN) 2:20:20   Wioletta Kryza (POL) 2:43:06
17th 2007   Laban Moiben (KEN) 2:15:29   Wioletta Kryza (POL) 2:43:26
18th 2008   Lamech Mosoti Mokono (KEN) 2:17:07   Yeshi Esayias (ETH) 2:42:17
19th 2009   Francis Kipketer Chesumei (KEN) 2:16:11   Irene Cherop Loritareng (KEN) 2:39:32
20th 2010   Julius Kirwa Choge (KEN) 2:17:41   Serkalem Biset Abrha (ETH) 2:35:46
21st 2011   Luka Kipkemboi Chelimo (KEN) 2:13:45   Serkalem Biset Abrha (ETH) 2:33:21
22nd 2012   Joseph Chirlee (USA) 2:18:42   Doreen Kitaka (KEN) 2:47:41
23rd 2013   David Savard-Gagnon (CAN) 2:30:15   Nadia Bolduc (CAN) 2:51:33
24th 2014   Ben Bruce (USA) 2:22:38   Joanne Normand (CAN) 3:01:27
25th 2015   Nicholas Berrouard (CAN) 2:26:42   Geneviève Asselin-Demers (CAN) 2:58:56
26th 2016   Kari Steinn Karlsson (ISL) 2:24:18   Arianne Raby (CAN) 2:48:54
27th 2017 No Marathon this year cause of heat
28th 2018   Ezekiel Mutai (KEN) 2:11:05   Salome Nyirarukundo (RWA) 2:28:02
29th 2019   Boniface Kongin (KEN) 2:15:18   Grace Momanyi (KEN) 2:40:51

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