List of marathon races in North America

The following is a list of marathon races in North America.


Symbol/Column Description
Bold Bold faced races are included in the World Marathon Majors
Gold IAAF Label
Silver IAAF Label
Bronze IAAF Label
(year) Defunct

The criteria for whether a marathon receives an IAAF Label designation are based on six general issues: race organisation, course timing and measurement, media services, quality of international field of runners, health and safety, and athlete equality.[1]

  • The race must be organised in accordance with IAAF Competition Rules, the standards of the national athletics body, and must comply with all relevant local and national laws. The race must be organised in a way that minimizes ecological damage to the surrounding areas.[1]
  • All courses must have been measured to AIMS standards and full electronic timing must be in place to provide split timing and final results.
  • The event must be broadcast live on television within the country, or delivered to a good standard through online streaming. Gold Label races must be broadcast in a minimum of five countries, while Silver Label races must have live coverage available on a national broadcaster. A centre must be specifically provided for media personnel, and TV monitors and commentary facilities must be present for Gold Label races. The race organisers must have a dedicated website with published results and must hold press conferences to support the event.
  • A minimum of five nationalities must be represented among the "elite" runners. At least five male and five female elite athletes must be competing in each race. "Elite" athletes are defined as those whose personal best within the 3-year period preceding the respective event has reached a standard set by the IAAF and published on the IAAF website.
  • All traffic must be closed off from the race course at all times during the competition. There must be adequate medical provision for the number of runners at the race. A number of doping tests must also be carried out after each race.
  • All prize money and bonuses offered should be equal, irrespective of the athlete's nationality or gender. However, race organisers are allowed to offer additional bonuses to competitors from the host country in order to boost local participation.

A maximum of 30 marathons may receive Gold Label status. The label statuses are granted on a yearly basis and organisers must apply for renewal each year.[1]

Race ListEdit

Name City Country Month*
*Last race was held
Inception Ref Link
Adirondack Marathon Schroon, New York   United States September 1997 [1]
Akron Marathon Akron, Ohio   United States September 2004 [2] [2]
Athens Marathon Athens, Ohio   United States April 2000 [3]
Atlanta Marathon Atlanta, Georgia   United States March 2007 [4]
Atlanta Marathon (2013) Atlanta, Georgia   United States October 1963 [3] [5]
Atlantic City Marathon Atlantic City, New Jersey   United States October 1960 [6]
Austin Marathon Austin, Texas   United States February 1992 [7]
Avenue of the Giants Marathon Humboldt County, California   United States May 1972 [4] [8]
Baltimore Marathon Baltimore, Maryland   United States October 2001 [9]
Bataan Memorial Death March White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico   United States March 1989 [10]
Bay of Fundy International Marathon Lubec, Maine   United States
June 2013 [11]
Bayshore Marathon Traverse City, Michigan   United States May 1983 [12]
Baystate Marathon Lowell, Massachusetts   United States October 1990 [5] [13]
Bellingham Bay Marathon Bellingham, Washington   United States September 2007 [14]
Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon Bemidji, Minnesota   United States October 2013 [15]
Big Sur International Marathon Carmel, California   United States April 1986 [16]
Big Wild Life Runs Anchorage, Alaska   United States August 1990 [17]
Blue Nose Marathon Halifax, Nova Scotia   Canada May 2004 [6] [18]
Blue Ridge Marathon on the Parkway Roanoke, Virginia   United States April 2010 [19]
Boston Marathon Hopkinton to Boston, Massachusetts   United States April 1897 [20]
Bozeman Marathon Bozeman, Montana   United States September 2011 [21]
Breast Cancer Marathon Jacksonville Beach, Florida   United States February 2008 [22]
Brooklyn Marathon Brooklyn, New York   United States November 2011 [23]
Buffalo Marathon Buffalo, New York   United States May 2001 [7] [24]
Calgary Marathon Calgary, Alberta   Canada May 1963 [8] [25]
California International Marathon Folsom to Sacramento, California   United States December 1983 [26]
Cancún Marathon Cancún   Mexico December 1985 [27]
Cape Cod Marathon Falmouth, Massachusetts   United States October 1978 [28]
Carlsbad Marathon Carlsbad, California   United States January 1990 [29]
Carmel Marathon Carmel, Indiana   United States April 2011 [30]
Charlottesville Marathon Charlottesville, Virginia   United States April 2003 [9] [31]
Chicago Marathon Chicago, Illinois   United States October 1977 [10] [32]
City of Oaks Marathon Raleigh, North Carolina   United States November 2007 [33]
City of Trees Marathon Boise, Idaho   United States October 2002 [34]
Cleveland Marathon Cleveland, Ohio   United States May 1976 [35]
Colorado Colfax Marathon Denver, Colorado   United States May 2006 [36]
Columbus Marathon Columbus, Ohio   United States October 1980 [37]
Cowtown Marathon Fort Worth, Texas   United States February 1978 [38]
Crazy Horse Marathon Hill City, South Dakota   United States October [39]
Dallas White Rock Marathon Dallas, Texas   United States April 1971 [40]
Death Valley Borax Marathon Death Valley, California   United States February 1998 [41]
Denver Marathon Denver, Colorado   United States October 2006 [42]
Des Moines Marathon Des Moines, Iowa   United States October 2002 [43]
Desert Classic Marathon Surprise, Arizona   United States February 1995 [44]
Detroit Free Press / Flagstar Marathon Detroit, Michigan
Windsor, Ontario
  United States
October 1977 [45]
Dutchess County Classic Marathon Poughkeepsie, New York   United States September 1979 [46]
Earth Day Challenge Marathon Gambier, Ohio   United States April 2007 [47]
Edmonton Marathon Edmonton, Alberta   Canada August 1993 [48]
El Paso Marathon El Paso, Texas   United States March 2007 [49]
Ely Marathon Ely, Minnesota   United States September 2015 [50]
Empire State Marathon Syracuse, New York   United States October 2011 [51]
Equinox Marathon Fairbanks, Alaska   United States September 1963 [52]
Eugene Marathon Eugene, Oregon   United States May 2007 [53]
Fargo Marathon Fargo, North Dakota   United States May 2005 [54]
First Light Marathon Mobile, Alabama   United States January 2001 [55]
Five Points of Life Marathon Gainesville, Florida   United States February 2006 [11] [56]
Flying Pig Marathon Cincinnati, Ohio   United States May 1999 [57]
Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon Fort Lauderdale, Florida   United States February 2006 [58]
Frank Maier Marathon Juneau, Alaska   United States July 1992 [59]
Fredericton Marathon Fredericton, New Brunswick   Canada May 1979 [12] [60]
Glass City Marathon Toledo, Ohio   United States April 1975 [61]
Grand Rapids Marathon Grand Rapids, Michigan   United States October 2004 [62]
Grandma's Marathon Duluth, Minnesota   United States June 1977 [63]
Green Bay Marathon Green Bay, Wisconsin   United States May 2000 [64]
Green Mountain Marathon South Hero, Vermont   United States October 1970 [65]
Green River Marathon Seattle, Washington   United States June 1997 [66]
Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon Nashville, Tennessee   United States November 2006 [67]
Hartford Marathon Hartford, Connecticut   United States October 1994 [68]
Haulin' Aspen Marathon Bend, Oregon   United States August [13] [69]
Heart of America Marathon Columbia, Missouri   United States September 1960 [70]
Honolulu Marathon Honolulu, Hawaii   United States December 1973 [14] [71]
Houston Marathon Houston, Texas   United States January 1972 [72]
Huffin' Puffin Marathon St. John's, Newfoundland   Canada October 1952 [73]
Humboldt Redwoods Marathon Humboldt County, California   United States October 1972 [74]
Hyannis Marathon Hyannis, Massachusetts   United States February 1978 [15] [75]
Illinois Marathon Champaign, Illinois   United States April 2009 [76]
Indianapolis Marathon Indianapolis, Indiana   United States October 1996 [16] [77]
Johnny Miles Marathon New Glasgow, Nova Scotia   Canada June 1975 [17] [78]
Kansas City Marathon Kansas City, Missouri   United States October 2002 [79]
Kenai River Marathon Kenai, Alaska   United States September [80]
Kennebecasis Valley Challenge Marathon (2014) Along the Kennebecasis River, New Brunswick   Canada October 2004 [81]
Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon Louisville, Kentucky   United States April 2002 [82]
Kiawah Island Marathon Kiawah Island, South Carolina   United States December 1988[18] [83]
King Salmon Marathon Cordova, Alaska   United States July 1986 [84]
Knoxville Marathon Knoxville, Tennessee   United States April 2002 [85]
La Crosse Marathon La Crosse, Wisconsin   United States May 2009 [86]
Lake Atitlan Challenge Marathon Panajachel, Guatemala   Guatemala November 2012 [87]
Las Vegas Marathon Las Vegas, Nevada   United States December 1967 [88]
Leavenworth Marathon Leavenworth, Washington   United States October 2005 [89]
Legs for Literacy Marathon Moncton, New Brunswick   Canada October 2000 [19] [90]
Let's Go Haiti Marathon Jacmel   Haiti February 2013 [91]
Lewis & Clark Marathon Sioux City, Iowa   United States May or June [20]
Little Rock Marathon Little Rock, Arkansas   United States March 2003 [92]
Long Beach Marathon Long Beach, California   United States October 1982 [93]
Long Island Marathon East Meadow, New York   United States April 1970 [94]
Los Angeles Marathon Los Angeles, California   United States March 1986 [95]
Lost Dutchman Marathon Apache Junction, Arizona   United States February 2001 [96]
Lower Potomac River Marathon Piney Point, Maryland   United States March
Lucky Trail Marathon Seabrook, Texas   United States March 2004 [97]
Madeline Island Marathon La Pointe, Wisconsin   United States May 2017 [98]
Madison Marathon Madison, Wisconsin   United States November 2006 [99]
Maine Coast Marathon Kennebunk, Maine   United States May 1980 [100]
Mankato Marathon Mankato, Minnesota   United States October 2009 [101]
Manitoba Marathon Winnipeg, Manitoba   Canada June 1979 [21] [102]
Marabana Marathon Havana   Cuba November 1987 [103]
Marathon by the Sea Saint John, New Brunswick   Canada August 1994 [22] [104]
Marathon of the Palm Beaches West Palm Beach, Florida   United States December 2004 [105]
Maratón Ciudad de Mexico Mexico City   Mexico August 1983 [106]
Maratón Guadalajara Guadalajara   Mexico November 1985 [107]
Maratón Internacional Tangamanga San Luis Potosí   Mexico Junio 1984 [108]
Maratón Lala Torreón   Mexico February 1989 [109]
Maratón León Independencia León   Mexico September 1980 [110]
Mardi Gras Marathon New Orleans, Louisiana   United States February 1965 [111]
Marine Corps Marathon Arlington, Virginia   United States October 1976 [112]
Maritime Race Weekend Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia   Canada September 2011 [113]
Marshall University Marathon Huntington, West Virginia   United States November 2004 [114]
Martian Marathon Dearborn, Michigan   United States April 2012 [115]
Maui Marathon Maui, Hawaii   United States September 1971 [116]
Mayor's Marathon Anchorage, Alaska   United States June 1974 [117]
Medoc Trail Marathon Hollister, North Carolina   United States October 2008 [118]
Mercedes Marathon Birmingham, Alabama   United States February 2002 [119]
Mesa Falls Marathon Ashton, Idaho   United States August [120]
Miami Marathon Miami, Florida   United States January or February 2003 [121]
Milwaukee Running Festival Milwaukee, Wisconsin   United States November 2015 [122]
Minneapolis Marathon Minneapolis, Minnesota   United States June 2009 [123]
Mississauga Marathon Mississauga, Ontario   Canada May 2004 [23] [124]
Mississippi Blues Marathon Jackson, Mississippi   United States January 2008 [125]
Monster Mash Marathon Dover, Delaware   United States October 2011 [126]
Monterrey Marathon Monterrey   Mexico December 2005 [127]
Montreal Marathon Montreal, Quebec   Canada September 1979 [24] [128]
Monumental Marathon Indianapolis, Indiana   United States November 2008 [129]
Mount Lemmon Marathon Tucson, Arizona   United States October 2010 [130]
Mount Rushmore Marathon Rapid City, South Dakota   United States October [131]
Myrtle Beach Marathon Myrtle Beach, South Carolina   United States February 1998 [25] [132]
Napa Valley Marathon Calistoga to Napa, California   United States March 1978 [26] [133]
Nashville Marathon Nashville, Tennessee   United States April 2000 [134]
National Marathon Washington D.C.   United States March 2006 [135]
New York City Marathon New York, New York   United States November 1970 [136]
Newport Marathon Newport, Rhode Island   United States October 2018 [137]
Niagara Marathon Niagara Falls, New York to Niagara Falls, Ontario   United States
October 1974 [138]
Nike Women's Marathon San Francisco, California   United States October 2004 [139]
North Country Races Wellston, Michigan   United States August 2000 [140]
Nunavut Midnight Sun Marathon Arctic Bay, Nunavut   Canada July [27]
Okanagan International Marathon Kelowna, British Columbia   Canada October 1995 [28] [141]
Oklahoma City Marathon Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   United States April 2001 [142]
Olathe Marathon Olathe, Kansas   United States April 2004 [143]
Omaha Marathon Omaha, Nebraska   United States September 1975 [144]
Orange County Marathon Orange County, California   United States May 2004 [29]
Old Fart's Marathon Lowell, Michigan   United States August 2007 [145]
Ottawa Marathon Ottawa, Ontario   Canada May 1975 [30] [146]
Outer Banks Marathon Kitty Hawk, North Carolina   United States November 2006 [147]
Paavo Nurmi Marathon Iron County, Wisconsin   United States August 1969 [148]
Pacífico Mazatlán Marathon Mazatlán   Mexico December 1999 [149]
Philadelphia Marathon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   United States November 1954 [150]
Pikes Peak Marathon Manitou Springs, Colorado   United States August 1956 [151]
Pittsburgh Marathon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   United States May 1985 [152]
Pocatello Marathon Pocatello, Idaho   United States September 2000 [153]
Portland Marathon Portland, Oregon   United States October 1972 [154]
Presque Isle Marathon Erie, Pennsylvania   United States September 2002 [155]
Prince Edward Island Marathon Prince Edward Island   Canada October 2004 [31] [156]
Prince of Wales International Marathon Craig, Alaska   United States May 2000 [157]
Providence Marathon Providence, Rhode Island   United States May 2008 [158]
Puerto Rico Marathon San Juan, Puerto Rico   United States March [159]
Quad Cities Marathon Moline, Illinois   United States September 1998 [160]
Quebec City Marathon Quebec City, Quebec   Canada August 1988 [32] [161]
Queen City Marathon Regina, Saskatchewan   Canada September 2000 [33] [162]
Querétaro Maratón Querétaro   Mexico October 2013 [163]
Redding Marathon Redding, California   United States January [164]
Reggae Marathon Negril   Jamaica December 2000 [165]
Richmond Marathon Richmond, Virginia   United States November 1978 [166]
Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon Phoenix, Arizona   United States January 2004 [167]
Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon San Diego, California   United States June 1998 [168]
Rochester Marathon Rochester, New York   United States September [169]
Rockford Marathon Rockford, Illinois   United States May 2008 [170]
Royal Victoria Marathon Victoria, British Columbia   Canada October 1979 [34] [171]
Run Charlevoix Marathon Charlevoix, Michigan   United States June 2007 [172]
Run for the Lakes Marathon Nisswa, Minnesota   United States April 2008 [173]
Run the River Marathon Folsom to Sacramento, California   United States March [174]
St. George Marathon St. George, Utah   United States October 1977 [175]
St. Jude Memphis Marathon Memphis, Tennessee   United States December 2002 [176]
St. Louis Marathon St. Louis, Missouri   United States April 2001 [177]
Salt Lake City Marathon Salt Lake City, Utah   United States April 2004 [178]
San Antonio Marathon San Antonio, Texas   United States December [179]
San Francisco Marathon San Francisco, California   United States July 1977 [180]
San Luis Obispo Marathon + Half San Luis Obispo, California   United States April 2012 [181]
Saskatchewan Marathon Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   Canada May 1979 [35] [182]
Seafair Marathon Seattle, Washington   United States July 1950
Seattle Marathon Seattle, Washington   United States November 1970 [183]
Self-Transcendence Marathon Congers, New York   United States August 2002 [184]
Southern Indiana Classic Marathon Evansville, Indiana   United States April 2010 [185]
Steamboat Marathon Steamboat Springs, Colorado   United States June 1982 [186]
Steamtown Marathon Forest City to Scranton, Pennsylvania   United States October 1996 [187]
Sunburst Marathon South Bend, Indiana   United States June 1984 [188]
Surf City USA Marathon Huntington Beach, California   United States February 2005 [189]
Surfside Beach Marathon Surfside Beach, Texas   United States February 2005 [190]
Surrey International World Music Marathon Surrey, British Columbia   Canada September 2012 [36] [191]
Tallahassee Marathon Tallahassee, Florida   United States February 1975 [192]
Tecumseh Trail Marathon Bloomington, Indiana   United States December 2003 [193]
Timberline Marathon Mt. Hood, Oregon   United States September 2006 [194]
Tobacco Road Marathon Cary, North Carolina   United States March 2010 [195]
Toronto Marathon Toronto, Ontario   Canada May 1995 [37] [196]
Toronto Waterfront Marathon Toronto, Ontario   Canada October 2000 [38] [197]
Towpath Marathon Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio   United States October 1992 [198]
Tucson Marathon Tucson, Arizona   United States December 1995 [199]
Twin Cities Marathon Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota   United States October 1982 [200]
Tybee Marathon Tybee Island, Georgia   United States February 1978 [201]
United States Air Force Marathon Dayton, Ohio   United States September 1997 [202]
Utah Valley Marathon Provo, Utah   United States April 2008 [203]
Vancouver Marathon Vancouver, British Columbia   Canada May 1972 [39] [204]
Vermont City Marathon Burlington, Vermont   United States May 1989 [205]
Victoria Marathon Victoria, British Columbia   Canada October 1980 [40] [206]
Walkway Marathon Poughkeepsie / Highland, New York   United States June 2015 [41] [207]
Walt Disney World Marathon Orlando, Florida   United States January 1994 [208]
Warm Up Columbus Marathon Dublin, Ohio   United States February 2001 [209]
Whidbey Island Marathon Oak Harbor, Washington   United States April 2007 [210]
Whistlestop Marathon Ashland, Wisconsin   United States October 1987 [211]
Wichita Marathon Wichita, Kansas   United States October 2010 [212]
Williams Route 66 Marathon Tulsa, Oklahoma   United States November 2006 [213]
Wineglass Marathon Bath to Corning, New York   United States October 1981 [214]
Yellowknife Overlander Marathon Yellowknife, Northwest Territories   Canada August [215]
Yonkers Marathon Yonkers, New York   United States September 1907 [42] [216]
Yukon River Trail Marathon Whitehorse, Yukon   Canada August 1999 [217]

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