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Montes Pyrenaeus is a mountain range on the Moon. The range begins at the southwestern rim of the flooded crater Gutenberg at the northern end and extends southward bordering the eastern edge of Mare Nectaris.

Montes Pyrenaeus
Mare Nectaris.jpg
Mare Nectaris, bordered on its eastern edge by Montes Pyrenaeus
Highest point
ListingLunar mountains
Coordinates15°36′S 41°12′E / 15.6°S 41.2°E / -15.6; 41.2
English translationPyrénées Mountains
Language of nameLatin
Locationthe Moon

The selenographic coordinates of this range are 15.6° S, 41.2° E, and it lies within a diameter of 164 km. Johannes Mädler gave this range the Latin name for the Pyrenees Mountains that lie along the border between France and Spain.