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Montes Harbinger is an isolated cluster of lunar mountains at the western edge of the Mare Imbrium basin.[1]

Montes Harbinger
Montes Harbinger AS15-M-2743.jpg
Apollo 15 image
Highest point
ListingLunar mountains
Coordinates26°54′N 41°18′W / 26.9°N 41.3°W / 26.9; -41.3
Locationthe Moon
Oblique view facing west, also from Apollo 15

The mountains consist of four primary ridges plus several smaller hills, each forming a small rise surrounded by the lunar mare. The cluster is centered at selenographic coordinates 26.9° N, 41.3° W, within a diameter of 93 km.[2] The formation is so-named because the peaks serve as the harbingers of dawn on the crater Aristarchus,[1] located to the southwest.

The flooded crater Prinz is located to the southwest.


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