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Montes Agricola is an elongated range of mountains near the eastern edge of the central Oceanus Procellarum lunar mare. It lies just to the northwest of a plateau containing the craters Herodotus and Aristarchus.

Montes Agricola
Montes Agricola (LRO).png
Highest point
ListingLunar mountains
Coordinates29°04′N 54°04′W / 29.06°N 54.07°W / 29.06; -54.07
Locationthe Moon
Oblique view from Apollo 15

The selenographic coordinates of this range are 29°04′N 54°04′W / 29.06°N 54.07°W / 29.06; -54.07. It continues for a distance of 160 kilometres. This range is a long, slender ridge formation that is more rugged at the northeastern end. There is also a rise at the southwest terminus of the range. The faint trace of a ray parallels the range just to the north. The 20 km gap between this range and the plateau to the south is covered by a flow of basaltic lava. There is a small wrinkle ridge near the northern part that is identified as Dorsum Niggli.

This range is named after Georgius Agricola.

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