Monster Farm was a short-lived animated series from Saban Entertainment that aired on Fox Family. It aired on one of the channel's animation blocks for one season, from 1998 to 1999.


The series was about a young man from the city named Jack Haylee and the farm he inherits from his great-uncle Harloff. What he finds when he arrives is a bizarre collection of farm animals. Together, this unlikely menagerie must work to help their new owner save their home from the curiosity-seekers who threaten their wacky world.


It was created and developed for television by Taylor Grant. Alex Borstein and Steve Marmel were brought in to write some of the episodes.


52 ten-minute shorts were produced and aired in German. Only 26 of these shorts aired in English as 13 half-hours.

Episode name
Back to the Roots / Tractor Terror
Aw, Forget the Whole Thing / Fangs for the Memories
Bad Heiress Day / Home Office Horrors
P.S. I Love Ewwwe / Elixir of Chicken
Working Out is Hard to Do / State of Reunion
7 Year Stench / Roommate from Heck
Girl Next Door / Deep Freeze
Cry Fowl / Heads Up
The Meaning of Life / Bigfoot, Sweetie Baby
Fear Itself / It's a Wonderful Farm
A Pair of Jacks / Woodstock Willies
Media Circus / Pablum Problem
Short Circuit Swine / The Trouble with Woolly


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