Monica Chakwera

Monica Chakwera is the First Lady and wife to Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi.[1] Born on 30 September 1958, she comes from Mwazisi village, T/A Chikulamayembe, in Rumphi District, in the northern part of Malawi.

Monica Chakwera
BornSeptember 30, 1958
Known forMalawi's First Lady
SpouseDr Lazarus Chakwera

Early life and educationEdit

Monica Chakwera was raised in the northern part of Malawi. She is an Accountant[2] and a qualified Social Worker[3] with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Degree from the University of the North, in South Africa.

Marriage to Lazarus ChakweraEdit

Monica Chakwera married Lazarus on October 8, 1977.[4] During their married life together, they have four children and grandchildren.


Monica Chakwera founded the Shaping Our Future Foundation, an organization that is concerned with the development of the village girl.[5]


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