Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a free online personal financial management service in the United Kingdom.[1] It provides users with the ability to view all of their online financial accounts in one place[2][3] and categorises and analyses all of their transactions so they can understand how they use money. The app aims to help consumers make better financial decisions and budget for the future.[4]

Money Dashboard
IndustryPersonal finance, Software
Founded2009 (2009)
FounderGavin Littlejohn
HeadquartersEdinburgh, UK
Area served
United Kingdom
ProductsRich Internet application

The app is powered by Yodlee, an account aggregation service used by many of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions.[5]

The service is regarded as the UK’s first significant personal finance service, an equivalent to in the US,[6] and promotes a strong emphasis on security. It is a read-only application and does not store users' bank account usernames, ID’s or passwords; data services are handled by Yodlee.[7]

In 2015, it was reported to be the UK's largest personal financial management (PFM) provider, having attracted over 100,000 users.[8]


Money Dashboard was started in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Gavin Littlejohn,[9] and officially launched the first version of its service in 2011, which was developed with the intention to offer a free and easy solution to consumers who have lost control or who are struggling to control their finances.[10] In 2012, the company launched the second version of its service.[11] Since that time, it has continued to release upgrades to its service, including launching applications on both iOS and Android. This has included facilities to identify and promote money-saving opportunities to consumers, such as product switching.

In 2014, it was a founding member of the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA) [12] a FinTech trade association that works with government, regulators and financial industry stakeholders to securely open up access to customer financial data, so that consumers can be empowered to have full control of their financial information and so make better decisions.

In 2015, Steve Tigar was appointed as CEO.

Money Dashboard, along with Moneybox and Plum, is among the new direct payment systems considered in the UK's Open Banking standard and implementation of the EU's Payment Services Directive also known as PSD2.[13]

In May 2022 it was announced that Money Dashboard had been acquired by the ClearScore Group.[14]


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