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Mona (1970) (also promoted as Mona; the Virgin Nymph) is a sexually explicit adult film that contains a number of unsimulated non-penetrative sex scenes. The film is regarded as the second sexually explicit film to receive a general theatrical release in the United States, after Blue Movie (1969). Unlike Blue Movie, however, Mona had a plot, though there was more emphasis on the action.[2]

Mona the Virgin Nymph
Mona the Virgin Nymph.jpg
Film Poster
Directed byMichael Benveniste (Uncredited)
Howard Ziehm (Uncredited)
Produced byBill Osco (Uncredited)
Written byBucky Searles (Uncredited)
  • Judy Angel (Uncredited)
  • Gerard Broulard (Uncredited)
  • Orrin North (Uncredited)
  • Susan Stewart (Uncredited)
  • Fifi Watson (Uncredited)
CinematographyHoward Ziehm (Uncredited)
Graffiti Productions
Distributed bySherpix
Alpha Blue Archives
Something Weird Video
Film AB Corona
Release date
  • August 6, 1970 (1970-08-06)
(San Francisco, California)
Running time
71 min.
CountryUnited States
Budget$7,000 (Estimated)[1]

Mona helped pave the way for other films containing unsimulated sex scenes that later appeared in theaters, during the Golden Age of Porn (1969–1984); and was one of the films of the time on which some later films were based. Deep Throat (1972), for example, borrowed elements of Mona's plot.[3]

Mona was produced by Bill Osco and directed by Michael Benveniste and Howard Ziehm,[4] though the film was screened without credits due to legal concerns. The earnings from the film, believed to be $2 million, helped finance the directors' later film Flesh Gordon (1974). The team also produced another adult movie Harlot (1971), and Bill Osco later produced the similarly explicit Alice in Wonderland (1976).



Mona (Fifi Watson) and her fiancé Jim (Orrin North) are having a picnic, and they both strip and began to make love, but she halts him claiming that she had promised her mother (Judy Angel) that she wouldn't have intercourse until marriage. However, she joyfully performs fellatio on Jim. Afterwards, Mona also has cunnilingus performed on her by a prostitute (Susan Stewart). In a movie theatre, Mona masturbates and provides oral sex to a nearby male patron (Gerard Broulard). After mother and daughter confess their full-on sexual indiscretions, Jim ties Mona to a bed, and all of her previous partners surround her and engage in a very long, intense oral sex party.


  • Judy Angel (Uncredited) as Mona's mother
  • Gerard Broulard (Uncredited) as movie theater patron
  • Orrin North (Uncredited) as Jim
  • Susan Stewart (Uncredited) as a prostitute
  • Fifi Watson (Uncredited) as Mona


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