Momoyama Gakuin University

Momoyama Gakuin University (桃山学院大学, Momoyama gakuin daigaku), also known as Saint Andrew's University, is a private university, established under Anglican Christian auspices, in Izumi, Osaka.

Momoyama Gakuin University
the seal of Momoyama Gakuin University
EstablishedFounded 1884,
Chartered 1959
PresidentKichizo Akashi[1]
Location, ,


The university was granted its charter in 1959.



  • International Studies and Liberal Arts
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Law

Graduate schoolsEdit

  • Letters
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Business Administration


Momoyama Gakuin University

The university has a large variety of sports teams including:: archery, aikido, American football, karate, Japanese fencing, tennis, baseball, golf, cycling, automobile, jyudo, weight lifting, softball, swimming, cross-country skiing, table tennis, soft tennis, kenpo, basketball, badminton, volleyball, fencing, ten-pin bowling, boxing, rugby, athletic sports, wrestling, ice hockey, lacrosse and cheerleading.[citation needed]

It also has cultural groups, including: English studying society, Juvenile literature research, glee, light music, wind-instrument, fork music, movie research, drama, advertising research, tea ceremony, photograph department, calligraphy, art, chess club, fishing research, railway research, buraku liberation research, student broadcasting station and Momoyama publishing association.[citation needed]

Exchange studentsEdit

Momoyama Gakuin university has partnerships in the world with: Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Czech republic, Russia, Poland, Canada, USA, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Australia.[citation needed] All exchange students have to study Japanese.


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