Mohammed al-Ifrani

Mohammed al-Ifrani (1670-1747) was a Moroccan historian. From the Banu Ifran tribe. He is noted as the author of Safwat man intashar, a compilation of biographies of 17th-century Moroccan saints, as well as his 1724 history of the Saadi Dynasty.[1][2]


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  • John O. Hunwick, Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire: Al-Sa'Di's Ta'Rikh Al-Sudan Down to 1613, BRILL, 2003, p. 309 "Al-Ifrani's Account of the Saadian conquest of Songhay" [1] (retrieved 25-09-2011)

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Ketabooks, Muhammad Al Saghir Al Ifrani, Safwat mani Intashar (biographies of 16th century saints), 2004