Mogumber, Western Australia

Mogumber is a locality in Western Australia. It is in the Shire of Victoria Plains, and situated along the Bindoon Moora Road. Although it is a settlement, it is not officially a townsite.[1] It is the location where the Moore River East joins the Moore River.[2] As of the 2016 Australian census, Mogumber had a population of 59.[3]

Western Australia
Mogumber is located in Western Australia
Coordinates31°02′S 116°02′E / 31.033°S 116.033°E / -31.033; 116.033Coordinates: 31°02′S 116°02′E / 31.033°S 116.033°E / -31.033; 116.033
Population59 (2016 census)
LGA(s)Shire of Victoria Plains

A grain storage bin was built at Mogumber in 1980 by CBH Group. It was the first of CBH's "Type K" grain storage facility.[4] As of 2020, the grain storage bin is not used.[5]

Mogumber has a tavern.[6]

Mogumber West Nature Reserve is located in Mogumber. The nature reserve surrounds the Moore River.[7] The reserve has an area of 259 square kilometres (100 sq mi).[8] There is also the Mogumber Nature Reserve located just south of the boundary of Mogumber in Mindarra,[2] which is home to the endangered Darwinia carnea, also known as the Mogumber bell.

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