Mofeed Fawzy

Mofeed or Mufid Fawzy (Arabic: مفيد فوزي‎) is an Egyptian television presenter, interviewer and journalist. He has produced and presented on Egyptian "Talk of the Town" (Arabic: حديث المدينةHadeeth Al Madena) for nearly 26 years. He is also was a talk show co-host for Al Qahira Al YawmAl-Qahira Al-Youm, a popular live talk show from Cairo, which airs on Orbit TV's El Yawm Channel (Arabic: قناة اليوم‎). Mufid Fawzy was also the editor-in-chief of صباح الخير "Sabāh al-Khayr" Good Morning magazine published by Rose al-Yūsuf. Fawzy was married to late broadcaster Amal El-Omdah with whom he had one daughter - writer, poet and journalists for Nisft Al-Dunya magazine, Hanan Mofeed Fawzy.

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