Mobile Bay order of battle

The order of battle for the Union and Confederate forces at the Battle of Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864.



Commander : Rear Admiral David Farragut

14 wooden ships:[1]

4 ironclad monitors:


Commander : Military Division of West Mississippi — Major-General Edward R. S. Canby (not present)

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Mobile Bay Land Forces
     Major General Gordon Granger

Clark's Brigade
(3rd Bde, 3rd Div, XIX Corps)

   Colonel George W. Clark

Bertram's Brigade
(2nd Bde, Mobile Bay Land Forces)

   Colonel Henry Bertram

Guppey's Brigade
(3rd Bde, 2nd Div, XIX Corps)

   Colonel Joshua James Guppey

Engineer Brigade (XIX Corps)

   Brevet Brigadier General Joseph Bailey

  • 96th U.S.C.T — Colonel John C. Cobb
  • 97th U.S.C.T. — Colonel George D. Robinson
  • 1st Pontoniers — Captain J.J. Smith
Artillery (XIX Corps)

   Brigadier General Richard Arnold




Commander: Admiral Franklin Buchanan (captured)

1 ironclad:

3 gunboats:

  • CSS Gaines (863-ton side-wheel gunboat) — Lieutenant Commander J. W. Bennett (grounded and abandoned)
  • CSS Morgan (863-ton side-wheel gunboat) — Commander George W. Harrison
  • CSS Selma (320-ton side-wheel gunboat) — Lieutenant Peter U. Murphey (captured)


District Post Regiments and Others

District of the Gulf
     Major-General Dabney H. Maury

Fort Morgan
(garrison about 600)

   Brigadier General Richard L. Page

  • 1st Alabama Artillery Battalion
  • 21st Alabama Infantry (1 Company)
  • 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Fort Gaines
(garrison about 600)

   Col Charles D. Anderson

  • 21st Alabama Infantry (6 Companies)
  • 1st Alabama Artillery Battalion (2 Companies)
  • Pelham Cadets
  • Reserves & Marines
Fort Powell
(garrison about 140)

   Lt Col James M. Williams

  • 21st Alabama Infantry (2 Companies)
  • Culpeper's South Carolina Battery


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