Moḥammad Taqi Khan Shirazi's Rebellion

Nāder's loss of prestige in the Dagestan campaign and his ongoing war with the Ottomans caused several domestic rebellions. The most serious of these began near Shiraz in January 1744 and was led by Moḥammad Taqi Khan Shirazi, the commander of Fārs province and one of Nāder’s favorites. In June 1744, Nāder sacked Shiraz, and by winter he had crushed these revolts with extreme force.

Rebellion of 1744
Part of Nader's Campaigns
DateJanuary–June 1744
Fārs province, southern Persia
Result Rebellion quelled
Fārs province ravaged and brought under control. Shiraz sacked.
Afsharid Imperial Standard (3 Stripes).svg Afsharid Empire Persian rebels
Commanders and leaders
Nader Shah Mohammad Taqi Khan Shirazi

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