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mnoGoSearch is an open-source search engine for Unix-like computer systems written in C. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License and designed to organize search within a website, group of websites, intranet or local system.

Developer(s)Alexander Barkov
Final release
3.4.1 / December 15, 2015 (2015-12-15)
Written inC
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeSearch engine
LicenseGNU General Public License (Unix-like)
Proprietary (Windows)

mnoGoSearch can index text/plain, text/html and text/xml data natively, and many others datatypes using external parsers.

This engine is ready to index multilingual websites: a wide range of character sets and languages are supported and can be detected automatically, it uses content negotiation technology to fetch versions of same page in different languages, it can perform diacritic-insensitive search and segment phrases in Chinese, Japanese and Thai. It is possible to use synonyms and ispell-based fuzzing to extend search results.

Results can be sorted by relevance, last modified time and by title.

The Windows version of MnoGoSearch features a graphical user interface and is sold under a commercial license.

As of March 2019, the software is no longer maintained or available.