Mizusawa Racecourse(Japanese: 水沢競馬場) is located in Ōshū, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. It is the one of two racetracks located in Iwate Prefecture, alongside Morioka Racecourse.

Mizusawa Racecourse
Coordinates39°07′48″N 141°10′14″E / 39.1299°N 141.1705°E / 39.1299; 141.1705
Owned byIwate Prefecture Horse Racing Association
Date opened1901 (Original)
1965 (Current location)
Race typeFlat
Course typeDirt
Notable racesDerby Grand Prix
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Physical attributes edit

The track can be altered to fit races of 850m up to 2500m.[1][2]

The admission fee is 200 yen.[1]

The racecourse is mostly used for local races, with bigger races usually being held at Morioka Racecourse.[1]

Notable races edit

Month Race Distance Age/Sex
January Touka Sho Dirt 2000m 3-4yo
January Tokei Nisei Kinen[3] Dirt 1600m 4-5yo
April Hidaka Sho Dirt 1600m 3yo +
May Shian Mor Kinen Dirt 1600m 3-4yo
June Tohoku Yushun Dirt 2000m 3yo
June Michinoku Daishouten Dirt 2000m 3-4yo
June Kurikoma Sho Dirt 2000m 3yo +
August Beautiful Dreamer Cup Dirt 1900m 3-4yo
December Kitakamigawa Daishouten Dirt 2500m 3yo +

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