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Mitin Masi (Aunt Mitin) is a fictional female detective created by Bengali novelist Suchitra Bhattacharya.



Bhattacharya created detective fictions about Mitin mainly for teen agers, although wrote some stories of Mitin for adults.[1] The real name of Mitin Masi is Pragyaparamita Mukherjee. She is in her mid 30s, lives in Dhakuria, Kolkata with her husband, Partha and son, Bumbum, and likes to cook. Mitin works as a private detective, who likes to user her mind rather than revolver. Oindrilla, popularly known as Tupur, is her niece. Tupur is school student who assists her in many of her cases.[2]


Most of the stories of Mitin Masi were published in Pujabarshiki Anandamela,[3][4] which include:

  • Saranday Shoitan
  • Jonathaner Barir Vut
  • Keralay Kistimaat
  • Sarpa Rahasya Sundarbone
  • Jhao Jhiyen Hatya Rahasya
  • Chhokta Sudoku'r
  • Arakiyeler Hire
  • Guptadhaner Gujab
  • Hate Matro Tinte Din
  • Kurie Paoa Pendrive
  • Marquis Strete Mirtyufand
  • Tikorparay Gharial
  • Duswapno Barbar
  • Sanders Saheber pnuthi.

Apart from these, Suchitra Bhattacharya also wrote five adult detective stories of Mitin Masi namely Bish, Trishna Mara Geche and Maron Batas.[1], ‘’Megher Pore Megh.‘’"Palabar Path Nei".


A production house of Bengali films have got the rights to the entire series of Mitin Masi and have planned for new movies on those stories. Some leading actress of bengali screen may play the role of Mitin Masi.[5]


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