Mitchell Fjord

Mitchell Fjord is a 30- to 50-km long fjord in Aysén Region, Chile, stretching southeast from the vicinities of Baker Channel into the valley of Bravo River. Through a ferry based on Puerto Yungay, the channel provides access to the southernmost portion of Carretera Austral and constitutes thus the only discontinuous section of Carretera Austral south of Chaitén.

Puerto Yungay


It forms part of the Chilean Patagonian fjords region (41-56°S) characterized by highly complex geomorphology and hydrographic conditions, and strong seasonal and latitudinal patterns in precipitation.[1]


The Baker and Mitchell fjords, located south of the Peninsula of Taitao and north to the Magellan Strait are the far north-eastern part of an inlet region generated by the quaternary glacial erosion and tectonic sinking that took place south of Puerto Montt and whose submarine geomorphology are of dam terrace alternated with submarine moraines. [2]


The fjord receives the waters of the Baker Channel.


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