Mission Santa Teresa de Atil

Santa Teresa de Átil also known as Santa Teresa de Ádid and Los Siete Príncipes del Átil, is a historic Spanish mission located in the small town of Atil, Sonora.

The mission at Atil, with old and new side-by-side

The original mission was founded in 1687 by Jesuit missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino.[1] Some buildings were constructed by Jesuit missionary Jacobo Sedelmayer.[2]

On February 3, 1768, King Carlos III ordered the Jesuits forcibly expelled from New Spain and returned to the home country. That year, the Franciscans arrived to take over the mission.

In Jesuit records, the mission is called Los Siete Príncipes del Átil (The Seven Archangels of Átil). The name of the mission was changed when the Franciscans arrived in 1768.

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