Miss Hickory

Miss Hickory is a 1946 novel by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey that won the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature in 1947.

Miss Hickory
Miss Hickory.jpg
First edition
AuthorCarolyn Sherwin Bailey
IllustratorRuth Gannett
CountryUnited States
GenreChildren's novel
PublisherViking Press
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages124 pp

Plot introductionEdit

The protagonist is Miss Hickory, a doll made from a forked twig from an apple tree and a hickory nut for her head (hence her name). She lives in a tiny doll house made of corncobs outside the home of her human owners. Her world is shaken when the family decides to spend the winter in Boston, Massachusetts, but leave her behind. Miss Hickory is aided during the long cold winter by several farm and forest animals. Prickly and a little stubborn, she slowly learns to accept help from others, and to offer some assistance herself.

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