Miss Europe 1970

Miss Europe 1970 was the 33rd edition of the Miss Europe pageant and the 22nd edition under the Mondial Events Organization. It was held at the Skylistion Theatre in Piraeus, Greece on September 15, 1970. Noelia Alfonso Cabrera of Spain, was crowned Miss Europe 1970 by outgoing titleholder Saša Zajc of Yugoslavia.[1]

Miss Europe 1970
DateSeptember 15, 1970
VenueSkylistion Theatre, Piraeus, Greece
WithdrawalsCzechoslovakia, Denmark, Norway & Sweden
ReturnsPortugal & Scotland
WinnerNoelia Alfonso Cabrera
Spain Spain
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Final results Contestant
Miss Europe 1970
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
3rd runner-up
4th runner-up
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Withdrew in protest of the Greek Military Government:

Other Withdrawals:



"Comité Officiel et International Miss Europe" CompetitionEdit

Miss Europa 1970
DateJune 1970
VenueNice, France
WinnerMarie Korner (Körner)
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From 1951 to 2002 there was a rival Miss Europe competition organized by the "Comité Officiel et International Miss Europe". This was founded in 1950 by Jean Raibaut in Paris, the headquarters later moved to Marseille. The winners wore different titles like Miss Europe, Miss Europa or Miss Europe International.[8]

This year contest took place in Nice, France in June 1970. The number of delegates is unknown. At the end, Marie Korner (Körner) of Germany was crowned as Miss Europa 1970.[9]


Final results Contestant
Miss Europa 1970
  •   Germany - Marie Korner (Körner)


  •   Germany - Marie Korner (Körner)


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