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Mishref (Arabic: مشرف‎) is a residential area in Kuwait within the Hawalli Governorate, south of Bayan and west of Salwa. Mishref is divided into two main districts: Mishref and West Mishref.

Mishref is home to:

  • A number of government owned co-ops
  • Al Yarmouk Sporting Club
  • A food complex
  • Three foreign embassies: the Syrian, Lesotho and Japanese Embassies
  • A United Nations (UN) Center
  • The Old Aljalawi house, which is one of the first houses in Mishref

West Mishref is home to:

  • Kuwait International Fair, a fairground with eight halls
  • The Australian College of Kuwait
  • The Gulf University of Science and Technology
  • The grand mosque, from which Friday prayers are aired on the state's channels
  • A number of co-ops
  • A route to Bayan Palace and the Mishref Palace across it

Embassies in MishrefEdit