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Misaki Iwasa (岩佐 美咲, Iwasa Misaki, born January 30, 1995 in Chiba Prefecture) is a former member of the Japanese idol group AKB48 and enka singer. Her nickname is Wasamin. Her talent agency is Nagara Productions. She was also a member of the sub-unit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.

Misaki Iwasa
Native name
岩佐 美咲
Also known asWasamin (わさみん)
Born (1995-01-30) January 30, 1995 (age 24)
Chiba Prefecture, Japan
GenresEnka, Pop
Years active2009–present
LabelsTokuma Japan
King Records
Pony Canyon
Associated actsAKB48
WebsiteOfficial Site (in Japanese)
Tokuma Japan Profile



  • December - Passed "AKB48's 4th Trainee Audition" and started her career as AKB48's 7th generation.


  • August 23 - During "Sokaku Matsuri" concert, it was announced that she was chosen to be a regular member. However, it took almost a year before the new teams started their theater shows, so she only officially became a member of Team A as of 27 July 2010. During the long wait, she was quite distressed about the situation and said, "I knew I had to do something, but I didn't know what to do."[1]
  • September 27 - Participated in AKB48's first oversea solo concert in New York. She was the only trainee alongside Sumire Sato.
  • October 30 - Participated in AKB48's first musical troupe "∞・Infinity".


  • May 17 - Moved agency from AKS to Production Ogi.
  • May 18 to 23 - Starred alongside Haruka Kohara (ex-SDN48 member) and Moeno Nito in Team Imagine's theater show "Ramerame" (らめらめ). It was her first leading role in a stage show.[2]
  • June 30 - Became a member of Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, a sub-unit consisting of AKB48 members attached to Production Ogi.
  • July 27 - Officially debuted as a member of Team A.


  • March 20 - Following the tsunami in Japan, she was one of two AKB48 members to perform at the "Japan Aid" Concert at Hilton Guam. She sang "Sakura no Ki ni Narō".
  • March 29 - Announced in Team A's theater show that she is moving agency from Production Ogi to Nagara Production, a big agency handling famous enka singers such as Kiyoshi Hikawa and Yutaka Yamakawa, to pursue her singing career as an enka singer.
  • April 1 - Officially joined Nagara Production, but she remained an active member of Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.


  • February 1 - Released her first solo debut, "Mujin Eki" (無人駅, "Ghost Station") under Tokuma Japan Communications. She was the third AKB48 member to release a solo CD after Tomomi Itano and Atsuko Maeda, and the first enka singer in AKB48. She held her first solo release event on January 31 in Shinbashi Station Square.
  • April 3 - Her first solo radio show "Konbanwasamin" (こんばんわさみん) started broadcasting on TBS channel every Wednesday at 3:30 am.
  • June 6 - Ranked 33rd in AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu General Election, and became the center of Next Girls.
  • July 29 - Held "Singing Mujin Eki (Ghost Station) in Ghost Station" event in Kuniyoshi Station of Izumi Railroad. After the event, she assumed the role of train conductor and rode the one-day only "Wasamin Train" (わさみん号) with 40 fans chosen by lottery.
  • August 24 - During AKB48 in Tokyo Dome concert, it was announced that she will be moving to New Team B.
  • October 20 - During "Mujin Eki Photo Contest Awarding" event, it was announced that she will release her 2nd single on early 2013.
  • November 1 - Officially became a member of Team B.
  • November 3 - Participated as a starting member of Team B's Waiting Show.


  • January 9 - Released her second solo single, "Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara" (もしも私が空に住んでいたら, "If I were Living in the Sky") under Tokuma Japan Communications. She held release events everyday for a week from January 7 to 13 in various places. She debuted 6th in Oricon Daily Ranking, but successfully ranked 5th in Oricon Weekly Ranking.



  • March 14 - Graduated from the group.
  • March 21 - Her last activity from the group.


AKB48 singlesEdit

  • "River"
    • "Hikoukigumo" (ひこうき雲) - Theater Girls
  • "Give Me Five!"
    • "Hitsujikai no Tabi" (羊飼いの旅) - Special Girls B
  • "Manatsu no Sounds Good!"
    • "Mitsu no Namida" (3つの涙) - Special Girls
    • "Kimi no Tame ni Boku wa..." (君のために僕は…) - only in Theater ver. CD
  • "Gingham Check"
    • "Do Re Mi Fa Onchi" (ドレミファ音痴) - Next Girls
  • "Uza"
    • "Seigi no Mikata Janai Hero" (正義の味方じゃないヒーロー) - Team B
  • "Eien Pressure"
    • "Watashitachi no Reason" (私たちのReason) - only in Theater ver. CD
  • "So Long!"
    • "Sokode inu no unchi fun jau ka ne?" (そこで犬のうんち踏んじゃうかね?) - Team B
  • "Sayonara Crawl"
    • "Romance Kenjuu" (ロマンス拳銃) - Team B

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7Edit

  • "Valentine Kiss" (バレンタイン・キッス)
  • "Hetappi Wink" (へたっぴウィンク)
  • "Kibō Sanmyaku" (希望山脈)
  • "Shōnen yo Uso o Tsuke!" (少年よ 嘘をつけ!)

Unit Songs in TheaterEdit

Team A 5th Stage "Ren'ai Kinshi Jorei" (チームA 5th Stage「恋愛禁止条例」公演)

  • Squall no Aida ni (スコールの間に) as backdancer
  • Manatsu no Christmas Rose (真夏のクリスマスローズ) as backdancer
  • Ren'ai Kinshi Jorei (恋愛禁止条例) as substitute of Miho Miyazaki

Team K 4th Stage "Saishu Bell ga Naru" (チームK 4th Stage「最終ベルが鳴る」公演)

  • Gomenne Jewel (ごめんねジュエル) as backdancer

Team B 3rd Stage "Pajama Drive" (チームB 3rd Stage「パジャマドライブ」公演)

  • Junjou Shugi (純情主義) as backdancer

Team B 4th Stage "Idol no Yoake" (チームB 4th Stage「アイドルの夜明け」公演)

Substitute of Aika Ota in all songs
  • Kataomoi no Taikakusen (片思いの対角線) as backdancer
  • Tengoku Yarou (天国野郎) as backdancer

Team K 5th Stage "Sakaagari" (チームK 5th Stage「逆上がり」公演)

Substitute of Rina Chikano in all songs (when Yuko Oshima was absent)
  • Ai no Iro (愛の色) as a substitute of Manami Oku

Team Trainee "Idol no Yoake" (研究生「アイドルの夜明け」公演)

  • Kuchiutsushi no Chocolate (口移しのチョコレート)
  • Tengoku Yarou (天国野郎) as backdancer

Theater G-Rosso Yume o Shinaseru wake ni ikanai (夢を死なせるわけにいかない」)

Team A 6th Stage "Mokugekisha" (チームA 6th Stage「目撃者」公演)

Team B Waiting Show (チームB ウェイティング公演)

  • Gomenne Jewel (ごめんね ジュエル)

Solo discographyEdit


Release Title Copies Sold Chart positions Album
Oricon Singles Charts
Billboard Japan Hot 100
RIAJ digital tracks*
February 1, 2012 "Mujin Eki" (無人駅, "Ghost Station") 53,204+ 5 12 TBA TBA
January 9, 2013 "Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara" (もしも私が空に住んでいたら, "If I were living in the sky")[7] 25,382+ 5 TBA TBA TBA
January 8, 2014 "Tomonoura Bojō" (鞆の浦慕情)[3] 20,139 1
April 29, 2015 "Hatsusake" (初酒) - 13

*RIAJ Digital Tracks established April 2009.


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