Misa (river in Italy)

The Misa (Latin: Misus)[1] is a river in the Marche region of Italy.[2] It runs for over 48 kilometres through the region.[3] The source of the river lies south of Arcevia in the province of Ancona. The river flows northeast near Serra de' Conti, Ostra Vetere and Ostra.[4] The river is joined by the Nevola before entering the Adriatic Sea near Senigallia.

Misa river flowing through Senigallia
Physical characteristics
 • locationProvince of Ancona, near Arcevia
 • elevation793 m (2,602 ft)
MouthAdriatic Sea
 • coordinates
43°43′21″N 13°13′20″E / 43.7226°N 13.2223°E / 43.7226; 13.2223Coordinates: 43°43′21″N 13°13′20″E / 43.7226°N 13.2223°E / 43.7226; 13.2223
Length45 km (28 mi)
Basin size377 km2 (146 sq mi)
 • average700 m3/s (25,000 cu ft/s)  (max)


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