Mirza Hosein Khan Moshir od-Dowleh

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Mirza Hosein Khan Moshir od-Dowleh Sepahsalar (Persian: میرزا حسین خان مشیرالدوله سهپسالار‎) or simply Mirza Hosein Sepahsalar (Persian: میرزا حسین سهپسالار‎) (1828–1881) was the prime minister of Iran (Persia) during the Qajar dynasty under king Naser od-Din Shah Qajar between 1871 and 1873.

Mirza Hosein Khan Moshir od-Dowleh Sepahsalar
Mirza Hosein Khan Moshir od-Dowleh.jpg
Chancellor of Iran
In office
12 November 1871 – September 1873
MonarchNaser al-Din Shah
Preceded byMirza Yousof Khan Ashtiani
Succeeded byMirza Yousof Khan Ashtiani
Personal details
Mashhad, Persia
Political partyIndependent

After a successful career in the Iranian foreign service, serving in Tiflis, Mirza Hosein Khan was made ambassador to Istanbul during the great Ottoman reform period after 1856. He seems also to have been influenced by at least two reformist thinkers: Fatali Akhundov, whom he got to know well in Tiflis, and Mirza Malkam Khan, whom he met in Istanbul.

On becoming prime minister, he persuaded the Shah to grant a concession for railroad construction—the Reuter concession—and other commercial development projects to Baron de Reuter. Opposition from bureaucratic factions and clerical leaders, however, forced the Shah to dismiss his prime minister and cancel the concession.

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