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A coin set, or mint set, is a collection of Uncirculated or Proof coins, released by a mint. Such sets are usually released annually and often called a year set. They include sets of all the circulating coins of that year, as well as sets of commemorative coins.

Set of 2007 $1 coins from the United States Mint

The Royal Mint, Royal Australian Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, United States Mint and others mints [1] all release sets of proof and uncirculated coins each year.

Sometimes the coins for annual sets are struck in a special way. For example, the Danmarks Nationalbank issues a coin set each year with coins that are "much more clearly embossed than the ordinary coins in circulation."[2]

Early coin sets were issued in paper of cardboard folders which often led to toning, due to the sulphur content of the card.[3]

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