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Minnesota Zen Meditation Center

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Minnesota Zen Meditation Center was formed when the founding head teacher, Dainin Katagiri, (1928-1990) was invited to come from California in 1972 to teach a small but growing group of Minneapolis students interested in the dharma.[1] After his death, Shohaku Okumura served as interim head teacher until the installation of Karen Sunna, who had studied with Katagiri Roshi until his death.[2] Succeeding Karen as head priest is Tim Burkett, a long time student of both Katagiri and Suzuki Roshi. Tim became the head teacher on November 1, 2002.[1]

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center
MN Zen Center-20121115.jpg
The center faces Bde Maka Ska
AffiliationSōtō Zen Buddhism
Location3343 East Calhoun Parkway, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
CountryUnited States
FounderDainin Katagiri

Natalie Goldberg studied at the Center for over a dozen years and writes extensively about it in her books Long Quiet Highway and The Great Failure.[3]

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