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Minnesota State Auditor

The Minnesota State Auditor is a constitutional officer in the executive branch of the U.S. State of Minnesota. The State Auditor is charged with overseeing more than $20 billion spent annually by local governments in Minnesota. The State Auditor does this by performing audits of local government financial statements and by reviewing documents, data, reports and complaints reported to the Office. The financial information collected is analyzed and serves as the basis of statutory reports issued by the Office of the State Auditor. The State Auditor is elected and serves a four-year term.[1]


The State Auditor's office has existed since before Minnesota Territory became the state of Minnesota in 1858. Before 1973 the State Auditor approved all executive branch expenditures in advance. In 1973 the responsibilities of the State Auditor were reshuffled. The State Auditor shifted to its current role, which was previously handled by the Public Examiner, an office appointed by the governor. The Public Examiner's position was eliminated at this time.[2]


Name Took Office Left Office Party
Jonathan E. McKusick 1849 1852 Whig
Abraham Van Vorhes 1852 1853 Whig
Socrates Nelson 1853 1854 Democratic
Julius Georgii 1854 1858 Democratic

The term of the State Auditor was originally three years. In 1883 voters approved a constitutional amendment changing it to four years.


No. Name Term of Office Party
1 William F. Dunbar 1858–1861 Democratic
2 Charles McIlrath 1861–1873 Republican
3 Orlan P. Whitcomb 1873–1882 Republican
4 William W. Braden 1882–1891 Republican
5 Adolph Biermann 1891–1895 Democratic
6 Robert C. Dunn 1895–1903 Republican
7 Samuel G. Iverson 1903–1915 Republican
8 J. A. O. Preus 1915–1921 Republican
9 Ray P. Chase 1921–1931 Republican
10 Stafford King 1931–1969 Republican
11 William J. O'Brien 1969–1971 Republican
12 Rolland F. Hatfield 1971–1975 Republican
13 Robert W. Mattson, Jr. 1975–1979 Democratic-Farmer-Labor
14 Arne Carlson 1979–1991 Independent-Republican
15 Mark Dayton 1991–1995 Democratic-Farmer-Labor
16 Judi Dutcher 1995–2000 Republican
Judi Dutcher 2000-2003 Democratic-Farmer-Labor
17 Patricia Anderson (formerly Awada) 2003–2007 Republican
18 Rebecca Otto 2007–2019 Democratic-Farmer-Labor
19 Julie Blaha 2019-present Democratic-Farmer-Labor

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