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Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kosovo)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Albanian: Ministria e Punëve të Jashtme; Serbian: Министарство Иностраних Послова / Ministarstvo Inostranih Poslova) of Kosovo is a department of the Government of Kosovo in charge of foreign relations and the admission of Kosovo into the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministria e Punëve të Jashtme (Albanian)
Министарство Иностраних Послова / Ministarstvo Inostranih Poslova (Serbian)
Coat of arms of Kosovo.svg
Ministry overview
Formed3 March 2008
JurisdictionGovernment of Kosovo
HeadquartersNënë Tereza 10000
Minister responsible
WebsiteOfficial Website


  • Development of good relations with all neighbours
  • Implementation of Ahtisaari’s Package
  • Acceleration of the process of international recognition of an independent, sovereign Kosovo
  • Completion of the structure and full functioning of the Ministry
  • Setting up of diplomatic services, embassies and consular units at the main centres and organisations in the world, according to the priorities set out by the Government, and in compliance with the Law on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Services of Kosovo, based on the decisions and coordination between the President, Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Assembly
  • Full membership of the country in key organisations, international and regional financial institutions, according to certain priorities such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, etc. - jumpstarting Kosovo’s accession to the UN, OSCE, NATO and EU.
  • Creation of the frame and environment for close cooperation with neighbouring countries, and at the regional level, in the areas of reciprocal interests
  • Promotion of political and economical interests of the Government of Republic of Kosovo;
  • Attraction of foreign investments
  • Protection of Kosovo citizens’ interests abroad
  • Affirmation of a distinguishable identity for Kosovo

Mission statementEdit

The following is the mission statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo:

Kosovo Foreign Affairs Ministry’s mission is to formulate and implement Kosovo’s foreign policy, protect Kosovo interests vis-à-vis other countries and international organisations.

Its mission also is to represent Kosovo abroad, preserve and protect immunities and privileges of diplomatic missions , persons whom they belong to in accordance with international laws and conventions, develop and coordinate policies vis-à-vis other countries.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes and protects Kosovo’s national cultural and economical policies.


Senior officialsEdit

The senior officials in the ministry are as follows:

Official Rank
Behgjet Pacolli Minister
Rejhan Vuniqi Deputy Minister
Anton Berisha Deputy Minister
Nagip Skënderi[3] Secretary General[4]
Sami Ukelli[5] Director General


No Portrait Name Term start Term end Term Length Cabinet Party
Republic of Kosovo
1   Skënder Hyseni 3 March 2008 18 October 2010 959 days Thaçi 1 LDK
Acting   Vlora Çitaku 18 October 2010 22 February 2011 127 days Thaçi 1 PDK
2   Enver Hoxhaj[6] 22 February 2011 12 December 2014 1,389 days Thaçi 2 PDK
3   Hashim Thaçi 12 December 2014 7 April 2016 482 days Mustafa PDK
Acting Petrit Selimi 7 April 2016 5 June 2016 59 days Mustafa PDK
4   Enver Hoxhaj 5 June 2016 3 August 2017 424 days Mustafa PDK
Acting Emanuel Demaj 10 August 2017 9 September 2017 37 days Mustafa PShDK
5   Behgjet Pacolli 9 September 2017 Current 735 days Haradinaj AKR

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